This is why I am running

This is why I am running

Meet my 96-year-old mother just after she voted on Monday.

She lived in her own home until she was in her early 90’s. Overall she worked for 60 years. My step-father, who was a St. Paul fireman, died 40 years ago. She has been able to live independently with his social security, pension and healthcare benefits. With the sale of the house, she was able to pay to live in an independent living facility first, and now in a special care unit. We are blessed.

Her world of financial support no longer exists for most.

To think! The first labor strike in Ramsey County many years was over a $5 co-pay per health care visit. The escalating cost of health care has created an ENORMOUS liability for all of us. Yet, our for-profit and non-profit health care system has benefited greatly. Besides high premiums and deductibles, many see out-of-plan bills at the retail rate not the wholesale rate, as well as out-of-pocket expenses when health plans change their medication formularies because they do not want to pay. Yet, many individuals have no choice but to pay.

While out in the district door-knocking I met a family whose child has a rare form of epilepsy so severe there is a risk for developmental disabilities if not treated. Their child is on the only medication that works and has not had a seizure in 18 months. Last month their insurance stopped covering the drug which is manufactured in France. They are paying $800 a month for it on top of all their other health care costs.

Minnesota needs to step up and address these issues now! State health plans made $300 million in “profits” while we are spending what we should be saving for retirement.

Vote for me to be an advocate for you!

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