Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

With the aging of the baby boom generation, Minnesota is going to be facing a tsunami of issues related to long term care, home healthcare, spousal impoverishment, and adult protection. Currently, two thirds of Minnesota’s Health and Human Services budget goes to the cost of seniors in nursing homes.
As someone who has worked on many of these issues with both public and private agencies, I have the experience to tackle these challenges.

I support allowing the well spouse to not pay income taxes on money that is taken out of retirement accounts to pay for nursing home care.

I understand where public and private funds can be most effective.

I support education and support efforts to assist families and seniors and couples at risk. There are already numerous services, tools and ideas available for these people and situations.

Other issues I am monitoring include: Spousal impoverishment, Medicare reimbursements and coverage, nursing home placement and the family.

Here is a printable version of my issues summary.

Barbara and her dogs visiting the Lutheran Home in Belle Plaine

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