As a healthcare consumer, perhaps you’ve experienced one of the following health insurance “gotchas:”

  • You searched around for the right drug plan, only to find the insurance company has changed its formularies and no longer covers the drug you’ve been taking for years.
  • You had surgery at your local hospital, only to find that some of the staff who assisted were out of network, sticking you with added costs.
  • You went in for your free yearly wellness exam, but made the mistake of actually asking your doctor about a health problem, thus turning your free screening exam into a billable event.
  • You went into the emergency room feeling seriously ill, but test results showed it wasn’t an “emergency “ in the eyes of the insurance company, and now you are stuck with the bill.
  • You’re concerned about the healthcare future for your children and their children.
  • You’re concerned about the changing landscape of Medicare cost plans in rural Minnesota.

Not to mention the issues of rising premiums, increasing drug costs, and evermore out of pocket expenses.

I am a problem solver and I will work to find practical solutions to the many barriers to care in our current system, while working across the aisle to develop long term solutions. 

Here is a printable version of my issues summary.

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