About Barbara

About Barbara

Barbara and her husband John with their furry family

I’m Barbara Dröher Kline, and I’m working hard to be your representative for Minnesota House District 20A. I grew up in Minnesota, where my father had his own construction company and my mother sold real estate. I learned early on the value of work and the reward of building something from the ground up.

I am a graduate of Luther College, and I am passionate about public service. I have spent my life helping others, in direct service and in public policy; whether it’s seniors, persons with mental or physical disabilities, or families in crises. Currently, I help individuals and families plan for college, retirement, or their senior years through my work with Thrivent Financial.

My husband and I live near Union Hill with our three horses and four dogs in an old farmhouse that we renovated. When I can bring my love for animals and my passion for public service together, I do. Whether it’s using horses with veterans who have PTSD, or bringing my poodles to the memory care unit at the Lutheran Home in Belle Plaine, I have found healing power in animals.

Here is a printable version of my issues summary.